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Legacy Circle

Invest in the Future of Women and Girls in Minnesota


You lead a meaningful and generous life, and we are here to help ensure that your legacy lives on for generations to come. Through one — or several — of our planned giving options, you can create long-term support for innovative solutions to drive gender equity in Minnesota. You may also benefit from immediate or deferred tax savings *

Join the Legacy Circle of the Women's Foundation by making an estate provision or other gift today, including some of the most popular planned giving vehicles:

A charitable gift (of either cash, real estate, stock, etc.) written into a will or revocable trust. Donors retain all assets during their lifetime, and the gift is made upon their death. The estate will receive an estate tax deduction for the bequest.

A simple way to gift retirement plan and life insurance assets at the time of your death is to name the Women's Foundation of Minnesota as the beneficiary.

Build your philanthropic wealth now, make grants to your favorite causes, and designate the remainder of your donor advised fund to the Foundation. You may also create a new fund through your estate.

Planned gifts to the Women's Foundation, such as bequests and charitable trusts, help to ensure gender and racial equity for future generations. Once a donor makes a planned gift to us, he or she becomes a Legacy Circle member.

We are grateful and honored to acknowledge the generosity and commitment of all of our Legacy Circle members.

Contact Lizzie King: | 612-236-1832